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Sandy Agent CM618

Product name: Sandy Agent CM618

Brief Introduction:
CM618 is one of PE Wax, improving of PEFE, it has very fine particle size. When use in the powder coating, it can's together with resin, it can cause the film very even sandy texture, improving other properties, is one of perfect artistic additive.


Appearance White flow powder
Drip point (°C) About 125
Particle size (μm) ≥40
Volatile (%) ≤1

1. It suitable for all type of powder coatings, use to make sandy texture in the film.
2. The dosage of CM618 is: 0.3-1.5%, among whole formulation. Actual dosage shall be tested in lab.
3. Usage: it can be added directly or mixed with other material and then extruded out.
4. The sandy texture is base on the mount of CM618, particle size, and the thickness of film. The less amount of CM618, the smaller of sandy texture the big of particle size, the gibber of sandy texture. The thick of film, the bigger of sandy texture.
5. When use of CM618 don’t need to use flow agent, actual base on the test in lad.
6. When use of CM618, the powder coating have very good feature of smooth and anti-agglomeration.
7. When use of CM618, the film have very good feature of smooth and anti-abrasion.
8. It doesn't contain silicon and ketone.

Package and Storage:
Packing with PE bag,Net weight 10 kg per bag.
Keep in the cool and dry place, far away from fire. This material don’t contain toxic material, but wear dust-mask before operation.

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