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Changming company has a strong R & D strength, the company make full use of more than 10 years in powder coating research and development of accumulated experience, speed up the development of new products, development and industrialization of the pace of construction. In recent years, the company invested more than 1,000 yuan in research funding, and Qinghua University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Institute of Physics and Chemistry, and other units to establish a long-term relationship, and the use of "production, learning, research" combination of development model, built research institutions and R & D center of the company's research and development base. through the cooperation with scientific research institutions, to capture the global coatings and additives industry's latest information and technology to promote the industrialization of scientific research process. the company has two technical development department, a laboratory and three testing departments, the laboratory is equipped with a world-class US Daacolor SF45OX-DATAMA TCH600 computer color matching color system, the French Sames AS100 flow measuring instrument, OMK ls- Pop6 laser particle size analyzer, salt spray tester, UV aging tester, swing hardness tester, and the import of drying tunnel temperature trackers and other advanced equipment, developed many of high-performance functional powder coating provincial new products, and through the acceptance of the expert group. through technology research and development, enhance the company's powder coating products, the overall strength, to achieve the company's sustainable development.

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