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Electrostatic Agent for Powder Coatings CM600

Product name: Electrostatic Agent for Powder Coatings CM600

Brief Introduction:
CM600 is an excellent polar fatty acid ester electrostatic agent for powder coatings.


Appearance White to yellowish pearls
Acid value 0-5
Saponification value 175-185
Melting point (°C) 82-87

1. CM600 prevents building up of direct current potentials during electrostatic powder spray coating. This allows, particularly with high direct current voltages, for the output speed, be increased and uniform thick film coatings, especially at object edges and ends, can be achieved.
2. AS a high melting point, it provides improved storage stability of the powder coating.

Application Fields:
Electrostatic agent for powder coatings.

Recommended Dosage:
1. Based on total formula: Approx 0.2-0.8%.
2. CM600 is added to the binder/pigment blend before extrusion.

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