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Matting Agent CM633

Product name: Matting Agent CM633

Brief Introduction:
CM633 is a polycarboxylic OH matting agent. It can suitable for EP and E/P powder coating. At 60°  gloss, the gloss can be reduced from 5-50% by using CM633.


Appearance White fine powder
OH Amount(g/eq) About 100
Melting range(°C) 175-185
Volatile(%) ≤1

1. Comparing to the Matting made of salt of an organic polycarboxylic acid with a cyclic amidiine, CM633 is more suitable for white and light color powder coating; CM633 won't yellowish even though the powder coating is over baked.
2. Very good mechanical properties.
3. The gloss of the powder coating will be affect little by the condition of extrude and bake temperature.
4. Application
1. Hybrid: Epoxy resin=CM633OH+polyester OH.Epoxy:CM633=11-12% Epoxy resin.
2. CM633 have different effect in the different polyester resin, so need to adjust formulation. Hybrid: select high acid value or low acid value polyester.
3. Accelerate Agent will effect the matt result of CM633, so add 2-5% Accelerate Agent (ZC-1), as to get good mechanical properties and matting effective.
4. The fillers play important role to the flow of powder coating, suggest add non-particle filler in order to have good fluidity.
5. Extrude Temperature: 110-120 °C.
6. Curing condition: 190 °C/20-25min or 200 °C/15-20min.


Material Amount
E12 (epoxy resin) 100
CM633 13
CM503 7
CM701 1
Benzoin 0.5
BaSO4 20
R902 30
Castor-oil 2
60oGloss ≤5
Appearance Smooth
Impact 50/40
Yellowish ≤2

Package and Storage:
Packing with PE bag, Net weight 20 kg per bag.
Keep in the cool and dry place, far away from fire, for 2 years.

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