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Company Zhejiang Changming New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.
Address Youyi West Road,Pingqiao Town,Tiantai Conty,Zhejiang Province,China
Tel No. 0086-576-83669333
Fax No. 0086-576-83662268
E-mail sales@changming.com.cn whatsapp:13867676380
Website www.changming.com.cn
Company ID 91331023325566571D
Certificate of quality management system Certificate No.:00215Q12610ROM
Safe manufacturing standardization Certificate No.:AQBIIIQG 201400510
Industry qualification High - tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province
Member of Specialized Committee coating and coating society of China Chemical Industry Association
Provincial high - tech R & D center
The product is tested by SGS and CTI without any heavy metals and toxic substances and conforms to the RoHS directive
The Products through the national chemical building materials quality supervision and inspection center testing, test results in line with the HG/T2006-2006 standard requirements

Add: Youyi West Road, Pingqiao, Tiantai, Zhejiang, China  Tel: 0086-576-83669333 | Fax: 0086-576-83662268

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