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Solid Flow Modifier CM503

Product name: Solid Flow Modifier CM503

Brief Introduction:
CM503 solid flow modifier is a masterbatch containing CM501 with epoxy resin as a carrier which can be used in powder coatings to reduce of eliminate coating surface defects such as craters, fisheyes, pinholes and orange peel as well as to also promote flow and leveling properties. This product will be supplied in the form of a granular resinous material with 15% (wt) active contents.


Appearance Pale yellow granular Resinous material
Soild contents(%) ≥ 99
Soften point (℃) 85-100
EPV (eq/100g) 0.07-0.11

Useage Ranges:
Beside of epoxy and hybrid systems, CM503 is inappropriate for all of clear powder coatings or Pigmented PES/TGIC. PES/primid and PU etc, no recommended also in other liquid coatings.

Useage Levels:
Typically used at 5-7% based on the total weights of powder coating.

Package and Storage:
Packing in with PE lined multi paper bags. Net weight 25 kg per bag.
Store in cool and dry place to avoid caking. Keep away from heat resource.

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