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Slip and Degassing Agent CM500W for Powder Coatings

Product name: Slip and Degassing Agent CM500W for Powder Coatings

Brief Introduction:
CM500W developed specially for powder coatings is a slip and degassing agent based on microwax compounds which can be used a slippromotor or a substitute of Bengoin in coating compositions.


Appearance White or pale yellow colour powder or granular
Melt ranges (°C) 110-130
Acid value(mgKOH/g) ≤10
Volatiles(%) ≤0.5

 (Oven at 110°C, reducing pressure)

Aid to reduce coating meltflow viscosity and improve resin binder to substrate wetting and pigment dispersing properties. Therefore, the smooth surface and better appearance can be obtained. Can be used as a substitute of Bengoin in powder coatings to reach better degassing and less yellowing effects. Especially, in combination with the crosslinking agent β-hydroxyalky lamide, in Primid XL552(EMS), CM105(Changming), T105(Nanhai), provides this weather resistant coating with more satisfied properties such as film thickness up to 100μm without air-bubble.
Due to its own lubricating character, improve the anticaking and sieve-passing properties of powder coating and prevent blockage of spray gun simultaneously.

Useage Levels:
The addition of CM500W in ranges of 0.7-1.5% based on the total weights of powder coating.

Package and Storage:
Packaging with PE lined paper bags. Net weight 25 kg per bag.
Store in cool and dry place to avoid caking.

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