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Matting Agent CM208

Product name: Matting Agent CM208

Brief Introduction:
CM208 is an organic metallic complex which is especially good for producting wrinkle or texture powder coating. It’s not only use for powder coating, but also in sandy, texture and many other kinds. It has very good curing effect and it can reduce cuing time.


Appearance Yellowish powder
Melt range(°C) 192-197
Solid point(%) ≥98.5

1. It may be applied in epoxy. Hybrid TGIC polyester or Primid powder coating.
2. CM208 can be added directly with other components then extruded, when mixed with powder and the amount of CM208 needed is less.
3. The film will be more smooth when making the small sandy of powder coating add the CM701 and Benzoin, and the amount of CM208 is 5% of resin.
4. When make wrinkle powder coating, use CM208, the small texture, the more of color and added material, the small of texture. Customs should adjust the amount according the formulation. Usually, BBM is 0.05-0.2%, particle size 140-180; the precise amount should be trying in the lab.
5. Control the trmperature when use CM208, in case of crosslink.
6. CM208 have effect on the film, keep the room ventilates.
7. CM208 use to make wrinkle powder coating, suggest film>55μm, baking temperature>185°C.
8. Black wrinkle powder formulation is as follow£º

Component E12 Epoxy Resin CM503 CM208 Caco3 BaSO4 Dicyandiamide Carbon black
Amount 100 4 4.5 10 15 5 1.5

Mix the entire above components, extrude and smash, then sieve by 160 mesh, and make as base powder, later mix the ratio of base powder; BBM as 30:0.1.

Package and Storage:
Packing with PE lined multi-paper bag, Net weight 20 kg per bag.
Keep in the cool and dry place, far away from fire.
Wearing rubber gloves, dust-mask and safety-glasses before operation.

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