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Matting Hardener CM68

Product name: Matting Hardener CM68

Brief Introduction:
Matting hardener CM68 is a salt of an organic polycarboxylic acid with a cyclic amidiine. As a hardener for epoxy resins, the use of this product makes it possible to produce epoxy and epoxy-polyester powder coatings with excellent smooth semi-matt and matt surface. Very good mechanical properties and chemical resistance.


Appearance Almost white, very fine powder
Melting range (°C) 195-225
Nitrogen content (%) 6.7-7.5

Formulations Recommended:

Item I II(hybrid)
Epoxy resin(1)(wt%) 60 48
Polyester resin(2)(wt%)   15
CM68 5-6 3
Flow modifier(CM506) 1 1
Filler & Pigment 30 30
Other auxiliary agents 3 3

(1) i.e. DER663 U or E-12
(2) Polyester resins with low acid value, l.e. CM-3 or CM-4

Curing Conditons:

180°C 20-25min
190°C 15min
200°C 10min

Properties of Coatings:

Item I II(hybrid)
Gloss%(60°) <10 25
Impact(direct)(kg.cm) 50 50
Adhession(cross-hatch) 1 1
Appearance(film) smoth smoth

Package and Storage:
Multi-ply paper sacks with polyethene lining. Net weight 20 kg.

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