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Quick Hardener at Low Temperature CM31

Product name: Quick Hardener at Low Temperature CM31

Brief Introduction:
Quick hardner CM31 is a heterocylic compound with azote. It enable comparison to the B31 (HüIs AG) IN HARDENING EFFECT. And be used in epoxy powder coating, it can help the coating to increase its mechanical properties and chemical resistance, provide its surface higher gloss and smooth. It can be applicable to epoxy-polyester powder in order to decreasing hardening temperature or quichening up hardening time.


Apperance Pale yellow crystal
Assay (%) ≥95
Melting range (°C) 90-103
Nitrogen (%) 15-22

Suggested Formulation:

Epoxy(mole 850-1000) 56
CM31 3.5
Flow modifier 0.5
TiO2 40
Epoxy(mole 700-875) 55.5
CM31 4
Flow modifier 0.5
TiO2 40

Suggested Curing Conditions:

200°C 3-5min 180°C 5-10min
140°C 20-25min 120°C 30-50min

Useage Level:
In epoxy powder coating, the dosage of CM31 must accord to the mole of epoxy, and make sure by lab; In hybrid powder, the dosage is 0.3% of total mole, need make sure by lab. In order to obtain the best general capability.
CM31 is a high active product. In period of its producing, extrusive temperature shall not more than 100°C, and not fit for many times to extrude to invoid hardening early.

Package and Storage:
Package with PE bag, then to drun Net weight 20kg
Store in cool and dry place to avoid moisture absorption, keep away from fire.

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