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Product name: Benzoin

Brief Introduction:
Benzion is organic chemical, it can be used as disinfectant agent and eliminate the air bubbles in the powder coating.



White or yellowish needle crystal

Melting point(°C)


Boiling point(°C)


1. Benzoin is used to eliminate air bubbles of the powder coating, meanwhile it will eliminate to pinholes of film.
2. It is suitable for all kinds of powder coatings.
3. The dosage of benzoin: 0.3-0.8%, among whole formulation. Actual dosage shall be tested in lab.
4. Usage: it can be added directly or mixed with other material and then extruded out.
5. Shall control the dosage of Benzoin in powder coating; over-dosage will be affect to anti-yellowish of the film.

Package and Storage:
Packing with PE bag, Net weight 20kg per bag.
Keep in the cool and dry place, far away from fire.

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