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Surface Modification Agent CM101-4/CM101-5

Product name: Surface Modification Agent CM101-4/CM101-5

Brief Introduction:
CM101-4/CM101-5 has very good HLB after activation the surface., low water absorbance, small particle size, and reduce the oil absorbance, and very suitable for different kinds of powder catings. They increase the amount of filling materials, improveing process and quality. Modify the mechanical properties and flowing, reducing the cost and raising the profit. Suitable for polyester system, such as hybrid system, TGIC¡¢Primid and so on. CM101-5 is a improving product of CM101-4, especially good for anti-yellowish.


Pure polyester resin (CM-4) 190
CM105/CM105A 11
Surface Modification Agent (CM101-4) 2
Moist Agent (CM701/CM701A) 3
Leveling Agent (CM506) 3.5
Benzoin 0.4
TiO2(R902) 60
Super-fine BaSO4 70
60°Gloss 98
Appearance smooth
Impact 50
Yellowish(200℃/30min) <1

The dosage of CM101-4/CM101-5 in formulation is about 0.5-1.0% wt, based on total coating. Mix with other added material, then adds resin, meltdown and extrude out. The precise amount should be trying in the lab.

Package and Storage:
Packing with PE lined multi-paper bag, Net weight 20kg per bag.
Keep in the cool and dry place, far away from fire.

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