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CM701 CM701A Moisting Agent

Product name: CM701 CM701A Moisting Agent

Brief Introduction:
CM701 and CM701A is moist agent, and usually called gloss enhancing agent. It is a special developed copolymer of MMA-BuA, contain polarity elements, moisten the added-material and base metal (iron aluminum and so on), eliminating the pinholes and improving flow.


Item Testing CM701 CM701A
Appearance Eye White or yellowish powder White or yellowish powder
Solid point GB/T1725-1989 ≥99 ≥99
Soften point HG2-741-72 95-125 95-125


1. CM701, CM701A is used to eliminating crater and pinholes effectively and increasing anti-polluted.

2. It is suitable for all kinds of powder coatings.

3. Usage: mix with other material and then extrude out.

4. The dosage of CM701and CM701A in formulation is about 0.5~1.5% wt, based on total formulation.

5. It doesn’t contain silicon and ketone, have no interference to the adhesion of the powder coating.

6. CM701 contain Barium (Ba), so if the powder coating has been limited with heavy metal, please use CM701A.

7. CM701, CM701A must combine with other flow modifier agent.

Keep in the cool and dry place, far away from fire.

Packing with PE lined multi-paper bag, Net weight 20kg per bag.

This material don’t contain toxic material, but wear rubber gloves and dust-mask before operation.

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