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Polyester powder coating

Product name: Polyester powder coating

General introduction:

The powder coating made of carboxyl polyester resin can be used in the field of outdoor products, such as enclosures for electrical equipment, building decoration, highway guards, etc. (can be divided into two products, TGIC or TGIC-free)

Product Series:

Can provide gloss (more than 80%), half-gloss(50-80%), semi-gloss (20-50%) and matt (20%) products. (According to the needs of users control gloss)

Powder physical properties:

proportion(g/cm3, 25℃) :1.4-1.7

Distribution of particle size: 100% less than 100 microns(can be adjusted according to special requirements of coating)

Curing conditions: 200℃(workpiece temperature), 10 minutes

Coating performance:

Test items Test the standard or method Test indicators
gloss Semi-gloss Matt
Impact strength GB/T 1732-1993 50kg.cm 40kg.cm 40kg.cm
Cupping test GB 9753-1988 8mm 7mm 7mm
Adhesion GB/T 9286-1998 0 level
bending GB 6742-1986 2mm 3mm 3mm
Pencil hardness GB/T 6739-1996 1H-2H
Salt spray test GB 1771-1991 >500 hours
Hot and humid test GB 1740-1989 >1000 hours
Heat resistance 150℃×24h(white) Excellent light retention,
color difference ≤0.3-0.4
Weather resistance (artificially accelerated aging) 60℃×8hUV + 50℃×4h
Condensation, cycle 500 hours
Gloss retention: ≥50%
Color stability: color difference≤1.5
Note 1. The above test uses 0.8 mm thick cold-rolled steel sheet with standard treatment, and the coating thickness is 60-80 um.
2. The performance of the above coating may vary with color and gloss.

Average coverage:

8-11 m2/kg, The film thickness is about 70um (calculated with 100% powder coating usage)

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