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Saturated Carboxyl Polyester Resin CM-1/CM-1A

Product name: Saturated Carboxyl Polyester Resin CM-1/CM-1A


CM-1, CM-1A is a kind of polyester resin mixed with epoxy resin in 50:50 for epoxy/Polyester powder coatings.


CM-1 CM-1A
High gloss High gloss
Good flow Good flow
Good mechanical properties Film chubbiness
Perfect anti-yellowing Good mechanical properties
Good storage stability Perfect anti-yellowing
Good storage stability Good storage stability


Apperance Granule Solid
Color(50%DMG)max 6
Acid value(mgKOH/g) 70-85
Softening point (ball)(℃) 95-110
Tg(℃) ≥50


CM-1 or CM-1A 325g
Epoxy Resin(663U) 325g
TiO2 350g
Flow agent(CM503) 50g
CM701 10g
Benzoin 5g

Extrusion Condition:

Double kneading screw temp: 100 °C±5; particle sizeμmmax:100;

Curing condition: 180°C×15min

Application Condition:

Spray tension KV: 40-60 Degreased cold-rolled steel mm:0.5

Film Properties:

Thickness μm60±10; Gloss 60°:>86%; Adhension(2mm):0

Bending:≤6mm; Impact kg.cm:50; Hardness(pencil)H:1-2

Package and Storage:

Every PVC bag contains 25 kg, stored in dry and good ventilated place at temperature below 30°C, for 1 year.

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