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Packaging and storage instructions

Product name: Packaging and storage instructions


Double corrugated box packaging, lined with a layer of polyethylene bag, net weight 20 kg per box.

Storage requirements:

Store in less than 30 ℃, ventilated, dry, clean room, not near the fire, heating, to avoid direct sunlight, is strictly prohibited open piled up. Under this condition the powder can be stored for 6 months. More than the storage period can be re-tested, if the results meet the requirements, can still be used.

Health and safety:

The powder coating is a non-toxic product, but should avoid inhaling dust during use. It is recommended that the operator wear suitable respirator and glasses. If possible, avoid long-term contact between the skin and powder coating


The technical information for the user reference, itself does not assume any obligations and responsibilities. Users should verify their suitability for specific applications before using this product.

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