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Application areas

Application areas

Agriculture, forestry and construction machinery

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Regardless of the size of agricultural machinery, trailers, forklifts and their parts and components, it is only necessary to assemble the powder coating line before spraying to easily realize industrial production. After spraying, the coating has light and acid rain guarantee excellent color, good protection to the substrate. Can be widely used in the aluminum. The steel structure made from galvanized steel.

Most of the construction machinery is field operations, good rust protection can effectively extend the life of the machine. The molecular weight of the powder coating resin is larger than that of the solvent type coating, so that the physical and mechanical properties of the coating film and the chemical resistance of the coating are better than the solvent type coating. Changming plastic powder coating plump, anti-corrosion strong, widely used in bulldozers, excavators, presses, loaders and other construction machinery.

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